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Auto Recycling is good for the environment and you get cash

From scrap car taking up space to removed and recycled

Cash 4 Scrap Junk Car Removal - Call – 604.339.6879 – or – 604.512.2488

This broken down Richmond car got it’s owner top dollar in cash and now it is off to the auto recyclers where it can live again as something new, in one form or another…



Coquitlam - Junk Car Removal

Once taking up space - Now Recycled & we paid the owner cash

This car was sitting in the owner’s garage taking up space.  We paid them CASH for this and took it off to the auto recyclers.

Now the owner has all the room they need and what was once considered as a junk car is now removed and recycled.

Auto Recycling at its best

This old truck is now sent to the auto recyclers

This Old Truck is being delivered to the auto recycling

We paid Cash for this scrap truck removal.












We paid CASH to take this old truck out of the bush.  That right, We paid for this junk truck to be removed; and we word hard to get it.  But it is all worth it in the end for now it is no longer polluting someone’s back yard and it is now safely delivered to the auto recycling depot.

Check out our YouTube Video.  See how we pay Cash to remove your junk or scrap cars, trucks, or vans from your property.  Click the read more link below to see us in action.

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Over the next few weeks, we will be posting several vehicle that we have paid top dollar to scrap it on your behalf. That right you will see the cars and the amount of money that we paid to remove these junk cars from the property of other owner just like you. You won’t believe what we find, stay tuned in to see what we come across every day.

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From all of us at Scrap 4 Cash Junk Car Removal, We are proud to launch our new website.

If you need an old car (working or not) removed from your property fast… Don’t hesitate to call…

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