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Surrey Auto recyclingWe recyceled this Police car from a movie set.  It’s not everyday that we get to tow the NYPD in Surrey.


$100 paid for this volkswagen We paid CASH for this Volkswagen to be recycled into something new.

Stripped down Honda Civic still got its' owner cash

This Stripped down Honda Civic Still got it’s owner CASH, Coquitlam B.C.

Even this Honda Civic that has obviously been stripped down is still worth cash to you.  Allow us to pay you and take it off of your hands.  Complete vehicles are worth more but we are commuted to recycling every junk car that is polluting our back yards and alley ways all throughout the Lower Mainland…


Junk Car Removal Service Richmond BCRichmond B.C. Junk Car Removed for CASH

Even this scrapped BMW owner got Cash… No Wheels, No Engine, No Problem… We have the truck that can take it and convert it into cash for you…

Junk Car | Scrap Van | Vancouver Auto Removal ServiceVancouver Van & Car Removed at the same time

We can remove one then one car at once.  Either with one flatbed or multiple truck in our fleet… We can remove and pay you for the vehicles all at the same time.  With Multiple trucks on the road all throughout the Lower Mailand we can offer you immediate same day service…

Scrap Car From Abbostford now Recycled

Once Jeep,
Then Junk,
Now Recycled, 

Abbotsford B.C.

This Jeeps has out lived its’ existence and is now off to the recycles to be drained and converted into something new.

This Mercedes junk car is now ready for the auto recyclers.

We paid CASH for this Mercedes from Port Coquitlam B.C.

Scrap Car Removal Service in Port Co

The owner of this Mercedes is no longer looking at it taking up space in his back yard… It is now being recycled and he is wealthier for it.  all it took was a phone call…



Green Junk car now gets a green life

This Car Paid it owner CASH
Vancouver, B.C.

Junk Car Removal


This Green Car now has a second chance at a green life… It is now at the recycling depot getting revamped into something new…

Ford F450 Super Duty

with a dual piston self loaded lift

For F350 Diesel


Dual Piston Lift and Flexibility



One single swipe to pick up your vehicle

Burnaby BC, Truck Removal Service

We paid CASH for Truck from Burnaby B.C.


This own’s Blue Truck Blues are now gone to the auto recycles and he is now richer because of it…