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Junk Cars We Have Removed

honda civic in surrey

This was his very first car, slowly it just started breaking down and it was time for a new one. Not knowing that cars need to be recycled or scrapped, it sat outside her mother’s home for years.  She Googled it and found that we can not only take it from her but pay her for it as well.

Chevrolet Diesel Truck for scrap metal


This was in a head on collision with another vehicle.  Since then it just sat outside their condo.  Strata was concerned about the big yellow eye sore that they have petitioned the owner to get rid of it.  They never got to it because the thought that they would have to pay someone to take it away.  Turns out they found us and we will give you money for it.

Volkswagen Passat was sold for scrap


So this car has had a lot of work done over the years and the owner has finally given up and did not want to spend another penny on this Passat. To top it all off it just will not pass aircare. Not knowing what to do he looked it up and found that he can actually get money for his junk instead of the other way around!

1999 Audi Quatro No Engine Recycled for scrap


It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what shape it is in, if it has an engine or not.  We can still take it from you and give you cash.  This Audi doesn’t have an engine and as you can see it also doesn’t have some of it’s parts. The owner was happy to see it gone and was extremely surprised that he still got money for it.

1998 Honda Odyssey Scrap


This mini van has seen many wide open roads, was used for the children’s taxi services, camping, just out right travelling.  It lasted years of many fun and now it must say good bye to the family that owned it so that they can scrap it and make sure it gets to the right place.

Mercedes now recycled


The owners were relieved to see it go.  They said their son promised he was going to work on it but their son never found the time.  As soon as he went off to college. His parents decided to get rid of it.. To their surprise they were given money for a vehicle that had no more use to them.


It just stopped working and the owners bought a new one and started stripping out the parts one by one.  So it is all frame and outer shell, nothing else and the owners still got cash for getting rid of it.

Surrey Auto recyclingWe recyceled this Police car from a movie set.  It’s not everyday that we get to tow the NYPD in Surrey.


$100 paid for this volkswagen We paid CASH for this Volkswagen to be recycled into something new.

Stripped down Honda Civic still got its' owner cash

This Stripped down Honda Civic Still got it’s owner CASH, Coquitlam B.C.

Even this Honda Civic that has obviously been stripped down is still worth cash to you.  Allow us to pay you and take it off of your hands.  Complete vehicles are worth more but we are commuted to recycling every junk car that is polluting our back yards and alley ways all throughout the Lower Mainland…