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We scrapped both these vehicles in Coquitlam and paid they owners cash. They just gave us the details over the phone and we came with two tow trucks ready to take these vehicles out of the owners hands and replace it with cash.

honda civic in surrey

This was his very first car, slowly it just started breaking down and it was time for a new one. Not knowing that cars need to be recycled or scrapped, it sat outside her mother’s home for years.  She Googled it and found that we can not only take it from her but pay her for it as well.

1999 Audi Quatro No Engine Recycled for scrap


It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what shape it is in, if it has an engine or not.  We can still take it from you and give you cash.  This Audi doesn’t have an engine and as you can see it also doesn’t have some of it’s parts. The owner was happy to see it gone and was extremely surprised that he still got money for it.

This Mercedes junk car is now ready for the auto recyclers.

We paid CASH for this Mercedes from Port Coquitlam B.C.

Scrap Car Removal Service in Port Co

The owner of this Mercedes is no longer looking at it taking up space in his back yard… It is now being recycled and he is wealthier for it.  all it took was a phone call…



Ford F450 Super Duty

with a dual piston self loaded lift

For F350 Diesel


Dual Piston Lift and Flexibility



One single swipe to pick up your vehicle

Coquitlam - Junk Car Removal

Once taking up space - Now Recycled & we paid the owner cash

This car was sitting in the owner’s garage taking up space.  We paid them CASH for this and took it off to the auto recyclers.

Now the owner has all the room they need and what was once considered as a junk car is now removed and recycled.