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junk car removal burnabyWe recycled this White 2 Door Volkswagen in Burnaby for cash. We pay cash for your unwanted cars, vans, trucks; for any unwanted scrap vehicles

Is There a Charge for Junk Car Removal Burnaby?

Many junk car removal Burnaby companies will charge you a fee to remove your scrap car. In some cases, they’ll even tow it away for free. You’ll usually have to pay up front—so be sure you have a few hundred dollars in your pocket before you call around. If you feel pressured into paying, don’t: keep looking until you find someone who doesn’t demand payment up front. Always ask about how much it will cost before signing anything! The business might refuse unless you sign something—but that just means that company isn’t worth dealing with. Use our free service and see how much money there is to be saved on your next unwanted vehicle removal! With hundreds of satisfied customers in Vancouver and surrounding areas, our service is guaranteed quick and reliable. Whether its a salvageable or junk vehicle we can remove it for you at no cost or obligation just pick up phone call us now at 604.339.6879.

Are there any other disposal methods?

Before you decide to scrap your vehicle, ask yourself if there are other disposal options available. You might be able to give it away or sell it, depending on its age and condition. If you have an older car that’s not worth much money, you can donate it instead of scrapping it. This allows someone else to make use of a car that would otherwise be destroyed and provides tax benefits for you as well. While some charities won’t accept junk cars, others will pay cash in exchange for yours and tow it away free of charge. Additionally, selling a junk car also has advantages: All you need is an advertisement (and perhaps some additional cleaning), and you could walk away with at least $100. Plus, if your car is old enough to be considered classic—that is, more than 25 years old—you can register it as a classic car through the National Historic Vehicle Register program. Registering your vehicle prevents its destruction and means that you get quarterly newsletters from their organization (not bad!). Again though, consider whether these possibilities fit into your schedule before deciding how to deal with an unwanted vehicle.

Why are you guys better than Craigslist Auto Wanted Classifieds section where I can advertise my junk car?

Getting your vehicle removed from your premises safely is one thing. Making sure that it’s recycled correctly is another issue entirely, and doing so usually means that you’ll have to travel to drop off your car and stand in line at a scrap yard. But we buy junk cars every day, so our free pickup service saves you time—and as an added bonus, you can schedule a convenient pickup time right here on our website. We promise that we’ll be out within three business days to remove your vehicle. And while advertising your auto online might feel like something you should do yourself, many people who go that route end up spending more money than they make. We work hard to connect consumers with sellers directly, meaning that any sale we close comes straight back into our pocket—meaning more cash for you and less hassle overall. And if there are problems (for example, if someone else claims ownership of your vehicle), then we’re not just happy to give you a refund; we also offer roadside assistance when needed! What other auto-removal companies will do: Post messages on local bulletin boards or Craigslist

Why choose us over others who advertise junk car removal Burnaby or remove old cars for cash?

We pay top dollar for junk cars in every condition and we give junk car removal Burnaby in all areas. We do not make any profit off your car, it goes straight to you. Our professional tow truck operators are available around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year no matter what time or day it is. You can call us anytime and our tow truck operator will respond as soon as possible to collect your unwanted vehicle for free at any location, we pick up cars from driveways, back alleys and front lawns anywhere in lower mainland area of BC. Our lineups are always full so please leave a message on our phone line that says Free Junk Cars when you call because there is no voice mail service on our phone line. One of our specialists will return your call within a few minutes after you’ve left a message. No matter what vehicle you have we would be glad to provide you with free removal and best payment for it. Just give us a try today, don’t worry about anything else but to get rid of your problem we take care of everything else! We look forward in helping people who have problems getting rid of their old vehicles by providing them with free cash paid same day for their cars which are usually perceived as dead weight and useless items which tend to accumulate in their yards unattended during years. Every day hundreds if not thousands of people contact us regarding our services offering fast cash payment immediately upon arrival with guaranteed no title required nor need to use an auto wrecker.

Who pays for its transport?

This is a good question that, unfortunately, most people don’t ask themselves when they go to sell their car. A surprising number of people will send away for scrap metal companies’ catalogues or put out a For Sale sign in their window and expect to be paid for their vehicle regardless of who picks it up. However, there are several ways you can ensure that you are compensated properly for your old car: you can insist on cash payment or ask for a receipt from whoever picks up your car so that if you decide to donate it later on, you will have something on record indicating how much was given. One other method would be to have them sign an invoice showing what they took off of your vehicle and at what price before taking it away.

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